4 Exciting Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Venue

4 Exciting Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Venue

Is your wedding scheduled to happen anytime soon? You would most certainly want some exciting ideas to decorate the venue in a unique and grand way. Here are some inspiring ideas that you can add a stunning decor to your wedding.

Drape the Ceilings

If you have planned your wedding in an indoor hall like Le Crystal, it’s most certain that the decorations will be awesome. But, many times, people tend to ignore the ceilings. Do you know that draping the ceiling can bring about an extra charm to the decoration? It’s simply amazing to see the magic that fabric can do. You can use formal and elegant white material to change the complete look of the ceilings. You can try other colors as well depending on the kind of mood and ambience you want to create on the special day.

Make a Family Photo Wall

This could also be a fantastic idea where you can create a wall of family wedding photos. This would help the guests to start a conversation. Many times, when relatives and friends meet after a long time, they need something familiar to talk about. This picture wall is the best conversation starter. You can arrange the pictures in different ways. For instance, you can devote one row to your partner’s family, one to yours or you can mix them all up. It would be like a new family tree and your guests would love it.

Add Greenery

This is one aspect that most people miss in their wedding. Adding some greenery to your wedding décor would make the whole atmosphere alive and more refreshing. If you want to save some money on flowers, let your florist know you’re okay with lots of greenery. You can use seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller, ferns, and lemon leaf to make your ambiance look natural.

Photo Backdrops/Booths for Guests

You can create many focal points at the wedding venue to make your guest pictures look more beautiful. Many times, when guests want to click a picture at any wedding venue, they often don’t find the right spot. You always see waiters or some stranger in the background. So, to get rid of these problems, you can arrange some photo booths for your guests to click amazing pictures. While creating these backdrops, use your creativity. Use flowers, paper tassels, and balloons to make it look more impressive.

These are some exciting but simple ideas that you can use to decorate your wedding venue.