5 Fresh Flowers Bouquets for Any Occasion In Mumbai City

5 Fresh Flowers Bouquets for Any Occasion In Mumbai City

Whenever you are invited to any occasion the very first thing that comes to your mind is buying a fresh bouquet of flowers. It signifies a whole lot of things from innocence, purity to unconditional love. But the question is which flowers you should choose for the special occasions suppose you have to attend the birthday party then the choice of flowers would be distinct from that of the ones you choose for wedding receptions. Therefore go through the rest of the bullets to catch up some of the flower ideas.

  • Pink carnations for mother’s birthday:

If you want to gift flowers for your mother’s birthday then pink carnations will be an outstanding choice. Pink carnation has a special significance it is believed that this flower popped up on the earth from the tears of virgin mother Mary. Therefore it strongly relates to your mother and her unconditional love for you. Now coming to bouquet decoration, you can pick few pink carnations then mix them with peach roses. Unlike other bouquets, you can keep this simple, just tie them up and present it with a pearl necklace. Therefore you can send flowers to Mumbai on such occasion to surprise your mother.

  • Roses for Valentine’s day:

Valentine’s day is the day of lovers and freshly picked roses do remain the witness of the never-ending love. When it is valentines day do not think much simply collect few stems of regaling red roses and tie them with a pink color ribbon. You can always give a special touch by adding a few other color roses as well. This will paint your love life into a beautiful and vibrant romantic saga.

  • Calla lily for 6th wedding anniversary

Suddenly you remembered you have an anniversary invitation in the spring, then no more contemplating just go for the romantic Calla lilies. This is because this flower represents youthfulness and innocence, therefore, it serves the best-chosen gift for those celebrating their sixth wedding anniversaries. It implies that your love should remain untouched and pure for the rest of your lives. You can choose any color of calla lily from purple to yellow, just mix match to create a rainbow of colors. Thereafter present the whole thing in a handmade cane basket.

  • Happy sunflowers for college farewell:

College days are vibrant and exuberating in every sense. People are always on their toes and in great spirit to learn the best. But after a span of three years, it comes to an end, but that means a start of a new phase. Therefore to arrange the college farewell party you can choose to have yellow sunflowers which are known to offer an ecstatic life as and always. Thus, arrange a bouquet only with adorable sunflowers in a blue colored fluted vase to assure longevity.

  • Daisies for office farewell:

After serving so many years to your table, today is the last day at your office, well-wishers have presented you lovely daisies. The daisies always symbolize the new start of your life. And your colleagues have nicely clubbed the white daisies with orchids so that your life gets rephrased to watch the next best phase.

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