Equal Love and Equal Marriage: Reviewing the Best-Rated Wedding Venue in Sydney

Equal Love and Equal Marriage: Reviewing the Best-Rated Wedding Venue in Sydney

Same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia on December 9th, 2017, and this historic day marked a significant juncture in the long, arduous battle for equality – a righteous battle that was shot down on 22 separate occasions since 2004. The teary-eyed spectators who were sitting in the public gallery on that momentous Thursday afternoon began singing the well-known anthem, “I Am Australian,” immediately after the ruling was announced, a heart-warming, virtuous moment if there ever was one.

Fast-forward to the present day, and we finally get to see thousands of loving couples tie the marital knot and embark on their lives together, which is why we’ve created this brief editorial to highlight the most esteemed gay wedding venues in Sydney.

So if you find yourself in need of some assistance with your wedding plans, feel free to use this exposé as a reference guide to help you ascertain the most suitable setting for your ceremony.

The Location

According to a recent survey, one of the most prominent matrimonial sites is situated near the opulent banks of the Parramatta River, an area defined by its magnificent blend of urban backdrops, sumptuous greenery, and historically significant architecture.

In this regard, you should hone in on the Dundas Valley and pick a reputable heritage-listed building that has been facilitating luxurious weddings and receptions for many years.

The Building and Grounds

Contrary to popular belief, the most successful wedding plans revolve around a single site, not multiple locations for each phase of the programme. With this notion in mind, your venue should be able to deliver a comprehensive assortment of inclusions, amenities, and trimmings to ensure a lively, memorable event:

  • Classic architectural features, bespoke lighting, and gorgeous landscaping
  • Ornate dining areas replete with elaborate chandeliers, traditionally-inspired fireplaces, and sophisticated lounge areas.
  • Stylish, refined communal rooms and private chambers
  • Sprawling exterior gardens and walkways
  • Custom-built gazebos, pagodas, and outdoor facilities to create unique transitions for your big day.

These features will ensure a classy, enlightened aura and allow you to establish a truly unforgettable ceremony, irrespective of whether you have to cater to 20 guests or 200 guests.

The Wedding Package

After identifying a renowned, historical venue, you’ll want to visit the organisation’s webpage to learn more about the ins and outs of their dedicated wedding packages:

  • Robust assortment of in-house decorators and designers to help you create a personalised theme and aesthetic.
  • Highly trained professional chefs, servers, and waitrons that can craft bespoke menus according to the penchants and preferences of your guest list.
  • Devoted liaison that can provide dexterous assistance and logistical support during the initial consultation, planning stages, and of course, during your special day.
  • Skilled staff members to deliver chilled sparkling beverages, alcoholic drinks, and other refreshments from beginning to end.
  • Unlimited use of every onsite area and exclusive access throughout the entire site.

These time-honoured wedding venues will help you with every nuanced requirement, regardless of your budgetary restrictions, so be sure to contact one of the compassionate in-house representatives as soon as possible – there isn’t a moment to spare.