Here’s How You Can Find The Best Caterer For Your Wedding!

Here’s How You Can Find The Best Caterer For Your Wedding!

On the most special day of your life, you would want things to be extremely perfect. Apart from the venue and entertainment, one aspect that needs the maximum attention is catering. Below, we have listed the things that matter in selecting a wedding catering service.

Start with the questions

Finding caterers around you isn’t hard, thanks to Google. You can also ask around for references. However, before you contact some of the better names, consider these things –

  1. What’s your final budget?
  2. What kind of food options do you really prefer?
  3. Do you need additional services – dessert stations and bar arrangements?
  4. What’s the headcount for the event?
  5. Does the venue allow you to get caterers additionally?

Keep in mind that some venues sell fixed packages, which can be really frustrating, especially if you have a special menu in mind. Also, the cost per plate is much lower when the headcount is higher. If the venue permits, you may want to have a few service stations, so that all guests get enough attention. Usually, drinks and alcohol are part of wedding arrangements, and you can customize everything with the caterer.

Choose your menu wisely

Guests look forward to the big feast, and you may want to ensure variety in that. Include some BBQ options, desserts, passed appetizers, and sides. Not everyone is fond of meats, so have a few vegan choices on the menu too. For barbequed food, include a number of meats that guests can choose from, and keep options other than seafood because some people are allergic to it. Also, don’t for exotic foods, because eventually, these are either imported or canned, and both ways, you may not get the freshest products. Insist on sourcing local and fresh food, cooked to perfection.

Always insist on sampling

Caterers can promise a bunch of things, but they don’t always deliver. This is the precise reason why sampling is so important for wedding events. You need to taste at least two or three of their signature dishes. Tasting is either free for large events, or some caterers may charge a fee for it. A good caterer may also offer sampling for some of the exclusive dishes that you have ordered for.

Finally, make sure that the caterer will clean up after the event. Also, check their estimate and find more about the terms and conditions of their services.