The Seven Agency Wedding Packages: Always Keeping Clients in Mind

The Seven Agency Wedding Packages: Always Keeping Clients in Mind

Bali has made it to the list of the leading destinations for a wedding across the globe. Guests travel from all places around the world in search of exotic wedding ideas. You will not go wrong by contacting the Seven Agency for assistance on wedding matters. The company has excelled in organizing excellent wedding packages that leave clients fully satisfied and yearning to come back in the future.

Regardless of whether you want a simple wedding with less than ten attendants, or you want an elaborate event with hundreds of guests, the Seven Agency has the skills to help you with the preparation. Your budget would be a primary factor in determining the type of event you want to be arranged. Here are some of the typical wedding events most of the clients’ request.

Villa wedding

For people who want private marriages, villa weddings are leading choices. Bali has different villas that can accommodate both small and large weddings. Celebrities mainly prefer the villa weddings since the spaces are private and easy to prevent gate crashers and paparazzi. What is more, you can request your agency to have the place customized to your tastes.

Chapel wedding

This event sounds like the traditional marriages. However, they are suitable for the religious couples that want to feel their spiritual faith honored. The wedding can either be held inside or even close to the chapel.

Cliff Wedding

Do you want to make your friends green with envy? Think of a cliff wedding. Bali has numerous high places such as the coral walls and volcanic mountains with huge cliffs rising high above the ground. Imagine saying “I Do” to your lover when standing on the edge of a big stone. You can complement the view of the cliff wedding by hiring the Seven Agency professional 3-hour photographer to ensure that the pictures will reflect where you are standing. The company uses cameras mounted on drones to get pictures from all angles. The photos will be an excellent reminder of the holiday.

Beach wedding

Does standing on the sandy beaches, with the panoramic view of the blue waters excite you? This package is readily available in both public and private beaches.

Jungle wedding

Finally, jungle weddings are a common choice for outdoor people. Imagine getting married in the woods, and you have a great view of the green vegetation, which is a site to remember your entire life.  The background site of clean blue waters adds magic to your wedding photos. There are different locations in Bali for a jungle wedding, and you can select with the help of an experienced wedding planner who will turn the place into a mesmerizing site on the wedding day.

If you are interested in any of these wedding offers, you can reach out to the Seven Agency. The number of your guests influences the quote you get. Besides, customers should know that the organization offers unlimited free consultation. They deliver all the essential supplies needed for a wedding, such as decorations, make-up artists, music, celebrant, and photography.